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Scraping For Expired Domains With Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro

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Web 2.0 Hunter is The Most Affordable Way To make money with Domain Hunter Gatherer.

Resurrect Old 2.0s

Makes collecting aged 2.0 accounts super easy.
Just register and recondition the aged web 2.0s.
Theme them to a niche to make them appear legitimate.

Create a massive network of these old web 2s and use them for backlinking and elevating your money sites.

Oppositely, you could sell these resurrected subdomains.

Or, maybe offer a backlinking service where you sell people links from your mature web 2.0 properties.

Domain Auction Hunter is the fatter wallet method.

Get 'Em While They Are Still Hot!

Use Domain Auction Hunter to scrape the most popular domain auction blocks to obtain quality expiring domains.

Auction domains will almost always cost substantially more to acquire.
However, you will be cherry-picking the finest domains ahead of expiration.

Way more competition.

Better metrics: higher Domain Authority (DA), Trust Flow (TF), and backlinks.

Do Not Overspend because of Page Rank (PR is a no longer supported Google metric).

Did I Mention?
You can use Domain Auction Hunter for free.

Cash in on pre-expired properties!

Flip only the URL with absolutely no website for two to ten times your investment.

Or, feel free to build a site, drive some traffic, record the results, then turn it on a site like eBay or Flippa. Make sure you offer additional services to the consumer. Present SEO or traffic solutions. Are you good with web or graphic design? How about blog content? Video Creation?

You can rough out a price for these puppies by lowballing (multiplying the monthly income of the site by ten) for a quick ROI. Or rather instead, determine a price in the ballpark of two to three years worth of income produced by the site for more substantial paydays.

Expired Domain Hunter is my personal favorite system.

Sleeping Beauties

I like Expired Domain Hunter because I can get the most bang for my buck.

Truckloads of aged domains with solid metrics can be attained for the cost of registration.

Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro software makes gathering superior domain properties easy and affordable.

Even perfect for the novice to use on an “as needed” basis.

DHG  Professional Version interjects more opportunities for developing a sustainable enterprise.

Scrape for keyword relevant expired domains.

Crawl authority websites to find broken links that you could make all yours.


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10 Total Score
High End Expired Domain Miner Makes Johnny's Life Easier!

Great user experience! Easy to use interface.

Easy to use!
Overall Effectiveness
Time Savings
  • Easy To Use
  • Easy To Understand User Interface
  • Lightweight
  • Scrapes For Expired Domains
  • Scrapes For Expiring Domains
  • Scrapes For Expired Web 2.0 Properties
  • Crawls From Keyword(s)
  • Crawls From Website(s)
  • Reverse Crawls
  • Delivers A Huge Amount Of Metrics
  • Requires a Subscription
  • No Mac Version
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