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Grammarly Honestly Reviewed With In Depth Demonstration

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Proofreading your written content can be an especially painful undertaking. Granted, a few essay writers can skimp on the editing simply because their work is just part of something larger and is merely a piece of the rough draft. But, none the less, individuals who write professionally along with any person who needs to compose important messages or complete graded assignments can assure you that editing your work before turning it in or pressing send is crucial.

This software makes editing and proofreading essentially painless.

So, does Grammarly check do all that it claims to do?

Let me start this Grammarly review, by asking the following questions:

Do you know the basics of sentence structure?

Are you confident that the work you are producing is without grammatical, spelling, or punctuation mistakes, and is easy to comprehend?

Would you like an instrument that makes editing and composing your work a breeze?

I believe you will likely agree with me when I say that not catching simple grammatical mistakes and using mixed up syntax can be quite embarrassing. Or even worse if you are a student it could be the difference between the good grade you want and the not so great grade you get.

I have been using Grammarly for more than a year now. I use it regularly as a language structure checker for writing all of my articles, Kindle books, blog entries, email campaigns, and nearly every other thing I want to appear professionally crafted.

In this Grammarly review, I will clarify how it checks your grammar, punctuation, and spelling, plus helps you to become a stronger writer.

How Grammarly works

The full combination of components implemented by Grammarly fuse together a sentence structure checker which examines the grammatical properties and looks for proper spelling and correct accentuation.

You can also enable the vocabulary enhancement function and also choose from an extensive selection of copywriting styles. Plus Grammarly also checks for plagiarism when desired.

You can even utilize British English or American English, and they have built in a personal dictionary for you to fill up and incorporated a synonym appropriator.

Ease of Use

When this grammatical examiner identifies errors, it displays them to you down the side, each one after the other in a column. The offending word or sentence is underlined, and a content box with an explanation appears just to the side. You can see a concise description or a longer relatively detailed explanation of the mistake. The extended definition adequately identifies the grammar structure rule that is in violation.

The Price of Grammarly

You can download Grammarly’s browser app for free today, or buy a Grammarly membership using one of their three different payment options.

The premium version Grammarly offers will help you to identify more grammatical use oversights in your writing than a conventional free online grammar checker, and it gives blow by blow data about every mistake (offers suggestions and information).

How Easy is it to Use Grammarly?

Grammarly works much like Google Docs.

You just sign in through a web portal.

Within the dashboard of this online grammar check and proofreading tool, you can open and create a new project and begin composing. You can even open projects you already have been working on within the utility. Alternatively, you can import work which has already been created outside of the tool. I personally just copy and paste my work into a new document. And once you have completed your work you can download it as well.

After importing a new document it takes Grammarly a few moments to process the data, it then underlines sentence structure fails with different colored lines. It additionally provides point by point clarification on each noted error along with an explanation of why this may be incorrect.

Or, you can even just use the Grammarly App you installed into your web browser or add their native app to your copy of Word and use it on your desktop.

How Grammarly Helps Writers

When you click on a highlighted mistake, the analytic use checker displays its interpretation of the issues and often offers a remedy.

The software can determine probable combinations and propose possible solutions for your mistakes.

It can find confused contextual spelling mixups such as witch/which, whether/weather, loose/lose.

You can choose from multiple writing styles such as academic, business, technical, medical, creative, casual, or the one I always use general.

Identifies wordy sentences.

Identifies punctuation errors.

It also dispenses explanations and suggests corrections for each broken grammar rule.

Other Useful Features for Writers

Grammarly pins your projects to your dashboard, and you can title them appropriately. It also auto-saves your work, so you never have to worry about losing your work again. They also offer many writing styles.

Grammarly versus a Human Proofreader

You may wonder: Will Grammarly replace a human editor?

Sorry, but no.

It is still an automated tool and can not fully understand the context of every sentence combination we can create. You will need to take Grammarly’s suggestions with a grain of salt. Not every solution offered will be appropriate for every situation.

However, Grammarly does provide you with the option to have your paper sent to a professional proofreader.

Regardless of whether you used Grammarly, it is never a bad idea to have someone else proof your work before submission. A fresh set of eyes will often catch simple errors overlooked by the software and the writer.

Who is Grammarly Good For?

The Grammarly checker is a good option if English is not your first dialect. It is awesome if you are a student who needs to deliver correctly worded and punctuated homework. Also, perfect for those of us who are required to write frequently but suck at English or can’t type worth a darn.

It will save you time by the bucket loads! By automatically finding and identifying all of the sentence structure, spelling, missing and improperly used punctuation errors way quicker than you ever could by manually reading back through your content.

However, if English is your first language, Grammarly is still a highly valuable instrument since it instructs you on how to use your words better and utilize grammar more accurately.

This language enhancement software can help you step up your game a few notches. Whether you are composing right inside of the dashboard or importing ready to proofread text from other sources Grammarly, makes polishing your composition a breeze.

Should You Pay For Grammarly?

After installing and perhaps utilizing the Grammarly browser app, you may want to take advantage of this membership.

They offer three (four if you count the browser app as a free subscription) membership levels. You can sign up for a monthly subscription. Or do like me and choose the quarterly plan which bills four times per year. Or if writing is part of your daily life then the annual subscription would likely be your best solution for roughly $12 per month billed one time per year.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Grammarly

This application is not crucial for every author, yet that doesn’t make it any less valuable of an instrument.


Excellent online punctuation knowledgebase.

Another line of defense for creators who independently publish.

Useful for non-local English speakers and new authors.

Fantastic for students.

Super easy to use.

It helps find the errors you don’t even know exist.

Free web browser integration.

Offer an add-in for Microsoft Word and Outlook.

Huge time saver.


Not everybody will want to pay for a membership.

Won’t pass for a human editor.

No option for converting US spelling to the UK.

Let’s Sum This Up

Darling Johnny is recommending that you pick up the premium version of Grammarly today. After all, it is publicized as the world’s most accurate grammar checker. And I believe it probably is for the price. It can detect more than 250 varieties of complex writing mistakes, and it delivers some very useful tools for enhancing your copywriting skills and vocabulary, plus educates you in the process.

Not to mention they have a free native app integration for Microsoft Office.

And the Chrome and Firefox browser applications are completely free to use.

And they provide a 7-day money back guarantee.

So go ahead and Click That Big Yellow Button Below Right Now and grab the Premium Version of Grammarly, or at the very least pick up the free app!

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10 Total Score
It Rocks!

Grammarly delivers a terrific piece of software. As with any automated tool by no means is it perfect. This tool does require that sometimes you have to stop and think about what it is telling you. Then make "your best judgement" calls. However, it certainly provides fast and easy solutions to nearly all of my writing challenges.

Ease of Use
Does What it Says it Will Do
Has Free Browser Apps
  • Built in Plagiarism Checker
  • Vocabulary Enhancement
  • 2 Click Synonym Finder
  • Cloud Based (Login anytime anywhere.)
  • Has Free Browser Applications for Firefox and Chrome
  • Offers MS Word Integration
  • It is a Subscription Service
  • Won't Replace a Human Editor
  • Cloud Based (Sometimes a little slow due to internet connection.)
User Rating: 4.69 (7 votes)
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